Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead.Climate stories. Climate, ESG engagement, one of largest corporates in world YoYos.
Reflecting briefly on AI advances. Moral Hazard vs Depositors US banking; trust Editing my ESG chapter. Friends: winning film prize, grocery…
Recession dissonance and inflation. Walking around Boston, healthcare optimism. Transport enthusiasm trip, a cold-call reach out. UK green power grid…
Disappointing day. Mental resilience. Climate. Flying.

February 2023

Education, London schools seem somewhat old school. Climate Policy thoughts with Chris Stark, UK Climate Change Committee.
Meeting CEOs. Thoughts on class Streaming. ESG paper, Alex Edmans Me on podcast, more ESG. Tea eggs. Chris Kilip.
Paul Salopek, walking round the world. Hanif Kureishi on paralysis, disability and life UK Climate Change reports, adaptation analysis. Stock Broker to…

January 2023

Embracing challenges. Hiding death, thinking on my time in Varanasi. Forensic accounting.
What a doubling cube tells you about investment decisions. Why you should try live performance. ESG, podcasts, metascience (Kanjun Qiu). Grant winner…
Surprises in the year. Looking forward to 2023. Expect the unexpected. Keep track of AI.
Survey on music, readings and photos to use at my imaginery funeral.

December 2022

Thinking on different cultures re: climate. My holiday goose recipe. Margaret Atwood’s writing advice.